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Extra Info++

I stole this script.

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Extra Info++

A script to provide tag-based linking to external notes from within TaskPaper documents, allowing you to elaborate on tasks and ideas, collect additional resources and generally keep your TaskPaper files void of dozens of notes.

The heavy lifting on this was all done by Pedro Lobo

Original Copyright (C) 2012 Pedro Lobo

Modified by Brett Terpstra 2015:

Modified by Brett Terpstra 2013:

This is a hot mess as far as the AppleScript goes (my fault). Too many logic forks and redundancies were introduced in this process. It works well, but it's not as easily extensible as I'd like. Feel free to fix it...


  1. Open the ExtraInfoPlus.applescript file in AppleScript Editor and save it as a script in ~/Library/Scripts/Applications/TaskPaper.
  2. You'll need to edit the template path to point to wherever you put this repo.
  3. Edit the docPath values for each app you want to use. These are the locations where new note files will be created for each app.
  4. Use a launcher like FastScripts for hotkey access to the script from within TaskPaper.


Template variables